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              Development History

              In 1998

              Founded Wenzhou Julong Electromechanical Equipment Co., LTD(predecessor of Wenzhou Zecheng Electromechanical Equipment Co., LTD)

              In 1998

              ZeCheng successfully developed localization moulding polyurethane foaming products.

              In 2000

              Under the guidance of scientific research institutes, CPU Elastomer casting machine products were successfully developed.

              In 2002

              ZeCheng developed automatic CNC sealing strip casting machine products.

              In 2005

              ZeCheng successfully developed TPU automatic CNC thermoplastic Elastomer polyurethane casting machine.

              In 2006

              ZeCheng developed polyurethane high pressure foaming machine series products. The product has been approved by the science and Technology Bureau of Wenzhou district. The magnetic drive plunger pump used in the polyurethane high pressure foaming machine series has been branded by Wenzhou Science and Technology Bureau and won the national utility model patent.

              In 2008

              ZeCheng developed the eighth generation of CPU Elastomer polyurethane casting machine series products. Furthermore, our products have been successfully used by Sany, (China National Offshore Oil Corporation) CNOOC and other companies.

              In 2010

              Zecheng cooperated with Wenzhou R&D institution, for products complementary innovation.

              In 2011

              ZeCheng successfully developed CPU high-temperature type elastomer casting machine and CPU electric heating elastomer casting machine.

              ZeCheng products passed ISO2001:2008 international quality management system certification.

              In 2012

              ZeCheng polyurethane mixing device equipment obtained a national patent of appearance design; Polyurethane raw material tank obtains national utility model patents.

              In 2013

              ZeCheng identified as Wenzhou Science and Technology (innovation) enterprise, and Zhejiang science and technology enterprise.

              In 2015

              ZeCheng successfully developed polyurethane rotating casting machine without mold and declare two national patents.

              In 2016

              ZeCheng successfully developed Solvent free PU leather coating machine product.

              In 2017

              ZeCheng becomes a National high tech enterprise.

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